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  • Dangerous Drugs Given to Elderly without Consent – PIRU’s research indicates that some doctors, including GPs, are regularly prescribing powerful anti-psychotics to their elderly patients. The elderly are particularly vulnerable to the serious, and sometimes fatal, side effects of these drugs.
  • Ten years of the Disability Discrimination Act: Anniversary research indicates qualified failure – Research by PIRU has found that the Disability Discrimination Act has, since 1995, enabled several thousand people to gain some financial redress at the Employment Tribunals. It has concluded, however, that the Act has failed to adequately tackle and reduce employment discrimination.
  • Sex, ‘Race’ and Disability Discrimination Laws Not Enforced  – Research by PIRU shows that (between 1 January 1999 and 1 June 2006) the three equality Commissions made no use at all of five of the direct enforcement powers investigated and little use of the other five; and indicates that the majority of discriminators are getting away with committing unlawful acts.
  • Workplace hell for disabled workers – A study by the Public Interest Research Unit indicates that in the last four years there has been a deterioration in the workplace experiences and long-term job prospects of disabled workers. The study collected information from 137 disabled workers and 141 organisations; and was produced for Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC).
  • Media Release 20.10.2019 – Threat to workers’ and equality rights – New Campaign and Study Launched (21 October 2019). Equality and workers’ rights in the UK have been hard won over many generations – and enacted under governments of different political colours  – but are now under serious and imminent threat.