Accessibility Policy

We are committed to ensuring that PIRU does not discriminate on grounds of:

  • age
  • ethnic group or ‘race’
  • gender (including identification as transgender)
  • health or impairment
  • nationality
  • language spoken
  • religious belief or practice (taken to include agnosticism and atheism)
  • sexuality
  • or any other factors which should not be taken into account when making the decision in question.

‘on grounds of’ to be interpreted widely and to be taken to include identification or association with (whether assumed or actual).

Not discriminating, in addition to requiring no direct discrimination, will also require making PIRU as accessible as possible. This will include, for instance:

  • encouraging involvement from individuals in often excluded groups, such as, for example, advertising for participant researchers among refugees.
  • creating an environment – such as, for example, through the website and on the phone – which ‘feels’ welcoming and is understood to be against discrimination.
  • providing for adjustments on religious grounds, such as, for example, ensuring that a meeting is not scheduled on a day on which someone could not attend it for religious reasons.
  • providing for adjustments on grounds of health or impairment, such as, for example, providing audio copies of reports.
  • building up the capability to provide information in other languages and, when resources allow, subscribing to a service such as ‘Language Line’.

Please let us know if you feel that there is something we could do to make PIRU more accessible (whether for you, someone else, or in general).