About PIRU

Not Party Political

PIRU is not affiliated to a political party or any other organisation. Our aim is to influence, through research and argument, the policies of all the main parties.


PIRU began life as BKIND, which was established in 1998 to help tackle homelessness among older people in Romania. In 2004, BKIND became PIRU, to enable us to address a wider range of issues. PIRU was wound down in 2010 and relaunched at the beginning of 2015.

Aims and Objectives

Our aim is to enhance democratic practice, civil rights, and social inclusion, through conducting, and campaigning on the basis of, ethical, honest, and rigorous research.

Our objectives for 2014-15 include making a significant contribution to:

  • Protecting and promoting employment and equality law rights and the Human Rights Act; and
  • Ending the demonisation and ill-treatment of benefit claimants, including, in particular, disabled individuals and migrant workers.


PIRU is a small organisation, with no paid staff, and an average annual income of about £700. All the work has been done by trustees or friends of trustees. We believe, however, that PIRU has had an impact – on the lives of individuals helped and on the policy debate – which has been disproportionate to it’s size and expenditure. We aim to build on this success by taking on a part time member of staff in the next 18 months and recruiting a panel of volunteer advisors.

Open and Transparent

We believe that it is important for PIRU to be open and transparent, so as to, in particular, enable others to better assess:

  • our research, and determine whether the findings are worth using;
  • our ethos, and activities, and determine whether PIRU is worth supporting, or continuing to support; and
  • our compliance with legal obligations.

However, we will withhold information when:

  • we have a duty of confidentiality, such as, for instance, to research participants;
  • revealing the information might cause unethical harm (as opposed to, for instance, the harm which a firm might suffer as the result of an honest and true report of it’s illegal practices); or
  • the information constitutes tactics and strategies, and revealing it, to other than those involved with PIRU, is likely to substantially undermine effectiveness.

Please contact us if you would like any information about PIRU or its work.