PIRU specialises in organisational and socio-legal research. Its last six studies investigated the psychiatric treatment of elderly people in rural Wales, the first decade of the Disability Discrimination Act, enforcement action by the three equality commissions, the impact of the Race Relations Act’s Equality Duty, unlawful discrimination against welfare benefit claimants, and the impact of the Coalition government on disabled workers (2015). Down-load PIRU’s reports from the Research page; except for the report on welfare benefits discrimination, which will be emailed on request.

Organisational Change

PIRU assists public authorities and charities with organisational change, addressing identified problems, and meeting legal duties.


PIRU’s advocacy project provides information and representation to help individuals, experiencing disadvantage in its local area (Carmarthenshire), gain access to services and financial entitlements.


Whether confidentially helping organisations develop, and individuals secure their rights, or publishing research and arguing for change, all PIRU’s activities are aimed at promoting civil rights, democratic practice and social inclusion.

Public Interest Research Unit was established in 2004 from Bkind.